Our Guarantee

GUARANTEE: We guarantee to send you properly named, healthy, vigorous plants that are ready to plant (bigger is not always better; perennials are all about the ROOTS). We take the utmost care packing our babies for their trip to their new home to ensure they arrive safely and intact. We have received hundreds of mail order plants ourselves, so we have learned from the best! Please read and follow the simple care instructions enclosed with your order.

We cannot guarantee our plants will grow for you or be hardy in your area. We assume you have done the necessary research for plant survival in your specific conditions. We are always happy to try to help and give advice when we can. As plants are living, changing organisms affected by innumerable factors beyond our control (i.e. severe weather, dog pee, gophers, overwatering, drought, improper planting, growing outdoor plants as houseplants, fertilizer burn, run over with the lawn mower, bugs ate it, got a disease, hit it just a little with the weedeater or weed spray etc).

We offer no warranty beyond plant arrival. If your shipment is damaged in transit (please provide pictures) or there is a problem with your plants, we must be notified within 48 hours of delivery for a claim to be considered. Under no circumstance are we liable for more than the the price of the plant.