Landscape Services


Special gardens for special people… when details matter.  

Perennial borders, natural gardens, meditation corners, woodlands, birdscape, xeriscape, deer resistant … informal to formal, sustainable.

If you can dream it, we can make it real. 

Large Areas to ‘Spotscaping’.

It’s what YOU want that inspires us.


Need some help with your landscape? Set up a Consultation with our Specialist and get your questions answered:

Identify Plants – Address Plant Health

  • Problems (Diagnose Pests, Diseases)
  • New Home Garden Inspections
  • Planting Recommendation
  • Evaluate Existing Plantings
  • Learn how to care your Plants
  • IPM Programs.


Let the Professionals install your little piece of Heaven. We know how to plant & can get it done fast!

​We work with you to come up with the best plan that fits your budget. We can do all the work, or deliver & place plants for you to plant, and/or teach you how to plant, so that your garden Succeeds!

Oregon LCB#12931

Arborist Consultation

Our Certified Arborist can tell you a lot about your Trees & Woody Plants:

Are they safe? Are they healthy? Do they need pruning? Why does my tree looks sick? What are those insects I see?

Tree Damage: How bad is it? What can be done?

How do I protect my trees during a construction project?

ISA Certified Arborist #198

Specialty Maintenance

We Specialize in Maintenance of Perennials and Expert Hand Pruning.

We are NOT mow, blow, and go… Roses need some seasonal help? Japanese Maple need detailing? Want us to teach you what to do and when?

​We can evaluate and troubleshoot irrigation systems, set controllers, fertilize if needed, and improve the environment for happier plants.